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   A person with passion and vision for creating  and renovating  things from scratch. I have my own philosophy to fulfill that and at the same time I enjoy living a prodigious lifestyle.
Everything I think about should be different in the way of doing or even the deep meaning.
Life is short to be everything, but to be something the chance is yours.

Success Partners...

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E - Marketing 
18. 11. 2019
16. 12. 2019


Artificial Intelligence
12 . 01. 2020


The second place winner in division G District 79 of Saudi Arabia. It was a great experience. The most amazing feeling you can imagineis when people who surround you clap for you; not for fun but because they are proud of you.

The winner of the first and second place of division G competition of district 79 in Saudi Arabia
in public international speech and humorous speech.

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